Welcome to the world of fine art and fashion fused together in order to create most extraordinary masterpieces that can be draped over your body shifting your spirit into true magnificence.

We are two Lithuanian sisters and we want to share this passion of ours with all the women who are looking for something unique...

Something that has a meaning and a soul...

Something that is not mass produced but rather created from our hearts...

Something that takes days, weeks even months to create...

Something that needs an inspiration to paint...

Something that needs the most pure intention to seek beauty through nature and through woman's eyes and transfer it on a live medium - silk where no mistakes can be made...

Why Silk? While painting on silk, we are working with such an incredible energy because silk fiber has a structure similar to crystals so that whatever energy it has been infused with - light, healing, purity or love - is amplified in a painting. After the painting is completed, we start designing your dress. It takes two of us - Artist and Designer to create your unique masterpiece.

Our exclusive and inspirational “Art-to-Wear” exudes feminine beauty, elegance and fine art not seen before in the fashion world.

Inspirations are captured on a 100% silk, depicting the most harmonic emotions of life through vivid colors, sophistication and sensuality of flowing styles. The silk become alive when the brush strokes the surface and the finished results capture the true essence of beauty and femininity.

We are celebrating the woman through the uniqueness and grace of original artwork draped over her body, transforming her into a fine art masterpiece while truly creating "A Feast for you Eyes and Inspiration for your Soul".

If you are interested in a custom dress, please call or email us.

Recent News:

If you are interested in art design and customized paintings for your interior please visit Luxury Fine Art Design Website:


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